European Glulam - What is it and why should I build with it?

Posted on October 12, 2016

Glulam is flexible, strong and can be used as a design element in a variety of timber frame projects from accents to full construction including curves, arches and columns.

Glulam also allows for smaller cross sections due to its high strength and is a more cost effective alternative. For complex designs hidden beam hangers are used with our products. No screws, hangers or knife plates will be visible after the project is completed. These hangers are useful for adding design elements using Glulam beams to modern and traditional construction.  

All Glulam designs are approved by our engineers before being put into production and if we do not have it in stock we can have pieces delivered in a bout 6 weeks.

Glulam is a greener building solution

Glulam uses up to 12x LESS fossil fuel to produce than steel, meaning a greener building material for those environmentally conscious projects. By using smaller pieces of wood, laminating them with glue, and putting them together, a larger piece of wood can be made that is stronger, more durable and much cheaper than the average timber or even steel. There is little to no shrinkage, twisting or cracking and it is a great option for timber frames, if you do not like cracks in the wood. Glulam can also be stressed or wire brushed and then stained so that it looks like one solid piece of lumber.

Glulam is a proven, durable construction material

In Europe, this technique has been around for over 100 years and many of the building still standing use Glulam construction processes. One of the oldest buildings built using this technique was built in 1866, that is over 150 years old!

Glulam construction can be found all over Europe...bring a touch of European flare to your projects!

Give Daniel a call for more information on how to use European Glulam in your next project.