5 Ways to Make Your Patio Party Amazing This Summer

Posted on June 29, 2016

Summer has officially started, and that means the season is finally here for those hot summer days, long pleasant summer nights, enjoying the company of friends and family and of course backyard and patio parties!

Planning a successful event isn’t easy, and while worrying about the guest-list and food, it’s easy to forget a few minor details that will turn any good patio party into a great one.  

Over the many years building and designing our outdoor living spaces, we’ve helped a lot of people transform their outdoor spaces into the perfect venue for entertaining, and know we’d like to share that knowledge with you, presenting our Top 5 Must-Have Features for an Amazing Okanagan Patio Party.


These long Okanagan summer days don’t last forever, and sooner or later the sun is going to set (hopefully offering you and your guests a great view as it does so).  Having proper lighting planned out ahead of time avoids stumbling in the dark and helps the party transition seamlessly from day to night.


If sports is your thing, having a large TV outside with you during the game on is likely to make everyone happy, and keep your guests from running inside or pulling out their phone to check the score. Or maybe some nice background music?

Climate Control

The weather doesn’t always co-operate, so having some way to take the edge off if a cold snap blows in is always handy, plus a good system will allow you to keep using your outdoor living space into the fall.


If you want your guests to feel welcome and relaxed, it might be time to replace those old folding lawn chairs with something much more comfortable (and sturdy). With plenty of table space for drinks or food plates.

Food and Drink

The menu is entirely up to you, but having everything easily accessible is key to a well thought out party space.  From BBQ steaks to roasting marshmallows over a fire, not running inside every time someone needs a plate or glass makes everything run smoother.

Final Thoughts About Patio Parties

These are just a few of the things to be mindful of when planning your next hit summer gathering, at the end of the day it’s really all about making the most of your Okanagan summers.

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